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How leading and learning will make your business future proof

Unprecedented periods of crisis offer unprecedented opportunities for action

Businesses are now facing unprecedented challenges and constraints as we enter into uncharted territory. The pandemic has left even the best-prepared companies struggling to stay afloat. However, while uncertain times like these can be unnerving, they also offer opportunities to those who dare to innovate. Successful companies will be those who take immediate action and adapt their business models to the new normal.


While leaders may be forgiven for failing to predict a crisis of this scale, their response to the inevitable aftershocks of the crisis is very much in their own hands. This report will help you to prepare for the turbulent period which awaits your company. We unlock hidden scientific knowledge, uncover the experiences from the innovation trenches, to unleash your innovative power.


This report will help you to understand:

  • The current state of the crisis
  • What steps other companies have taken so far
  • How you can innovate your company from core to ecosystem to adapt to the rapidly changing business landscape
  • Which leadership and innovation strategies will help to guide your organisation along the right path.

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The rules of the game are changing rapidly; making it hard for established players to differentiate themselves in the market solely through a better product portfolio. A user-centric strategy can be the solution to ensure a stable market position and grow. Developing new and improved services is essential for companies in any industry; it allows to differentiate from the competition and to create new value for its customers.


Needless to say, your personal power to innovate in volatile and unpredictable times is an important capacity to develop. We will give you tools and guidance in futurizing your business. At the end of the track you have expanded your toolbox, developed futurizing skills and you will be fully equipped to handle today’s but also tomorrow’s business.


  • Do you want to get out of the crisis or into the new normal?
  • Do you want to build a progressive and agile enterprise?
  • Do you know how to build a learning organisation?


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  • Disrupt or being disrupted? Do you want to change the rules of the game?
  • Is your current business model under pressure and do you wish to take the lead to stay on top of the game?


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  • How can you anticipate and prepare for an uncertain future?
  • How do I identify (future) relevant trends and occurrences?
  • How do I strategically plan for future scenarios and how do I develop interventions for future scenarios?


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