1 project leader, 1 project coordinator, 1 service designer, 8 master students, 1 PHD in finance, 1 PHD in marketing, 1 professor law faculty, and 1 external digital design agency.


Redesigning the customer experience to acquire a mortgage at Obvion.

Obvion is a mortgage provider in the Dutch market, and is part of the Rabobank. Obvion represents a customer-oriented, innovative mortgage provider.


Redesigning the customer experience when looking for and applying for a mortgage.


The team hosted more that 30 in-depth interviews and more than 100 street interviews, that helped them to uncover the biggest pain points for customers when buying a house. After synthesizing the research results into an extensive customer journey, the team entered sprints of ideation. Idea generation was fostered by design thinking tools and inspired utilizing methods moving the boundaries of imagination. These efforts, together with the continuous cycle of fast prototyping (design – test & repeat), resulted in consumer-centered, concrete, and innovative solutions.


The resulting digital service innovation provides proactive guidance to the potential customers, in order to find the best mortgage solution that fits their personal situation. The result is a transformed experience for the customer. In the proposed solution, a hassle-free and exciting process, where the customer feels empowered represents the new experience. In addition, the team developed a strategic roadmap for Obvion to innovate and prepare the business for the future.


“The double diamond approach helped us to think broad, narrow things down and focus on added value within a limited timeframe. Validating the findings and concepts with (potential) customers really made the difference. The first ideas were often interpreted in various ways, using prototypes made things really come to live and more easy to validate.”

Robert Viegen, Marketeer Obvion


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