1 project leader, 1 service designer, 6 master students, 1 phd candidate marketing department, 1 phd candidate finance department.


Servitization in a global B2B food company.

Puratos, a global innovative, Belgian B2B company in bakery, patisserie and chocolate ingredients. The company serves more than 100,000 artisans worldwide.


Puratos’ challenge was to innovate the company’s services portfolio with the goal of creating a sustainable competitive advantage and to grow the business of their artisans.


The team immersed themselves in the life of the artisans to fully understand their ambitions, needs and challenges. Camping at the customer site, observing and doing in-depth customer interviews enabled the team to understand the dreams of the artisans, but also what kept them awake at night. Next, the core competences of Puratos, coupled with identified opportunities regarding the current services portfolio, were mapped. Innovative service concepts were developed and were optimized in cooperation with a panel of Puratos’ representatives in extensive ideation sessions. These concepts together with insights into the advancements in digital technology represented the foundation to create new service innovations, and allowed the team to create customized experiences for the artisans.


Together with the Service Science Factory Puratos implemented a servitisation strategy, to increase the impact of their services and to position themselves as a solution provider to the artisans instead of solely an ingredient supplier. This strategy builds on growing the business of the artisans in order to grow the business and profitability of Puratos.


“The collaboration with SSF allowed us to reveal real insights in the relevance and added value of our services. The project resulted in both rational and inspirational concepts that are implementable and will make our services approach more valuable and more differentiating in the future. Great and high-level collaboration.”

Filip Arnaut, R&D Director GRS Lab at Puratos


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Sabine Janssen


Head of Service Science Factory

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