We pledge to be your innovation partner, in good and bad times. We are passionate about Innovation and backed by the Design Thinking Methodology our aim is to ignite your organisation’s passion for innovation. In our approach we emphasize the transformative power of service innovation as a way to unlock new revenue streams and increase competitiveness. Our main goal is to develop new services or value-added services together and facilitate their adoption and integration within your organisation.


Service Science Factory was born out of the urge to share the expertise and knowledge that is available within Maastricht University with the world. Being a part of Maastricht University allows us to access the brightest minds in academia. We ensure that all the services that we deliver are theoretically sound, practically oriented and constantly adapted and improved, keeping our end-user in mind.


‘I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand’ Confucius

We do not want to tell you about innovation, or will not ask you to read (a lot) about it, we want you to experience it for yourselves. We want you to make up your own minds and to be part of the story yourselves. Stripped back from your daily routines, in our services, whether it is a short sprint, a full-blown innovation expedition or a customized track we immerse you into a fast-paced innovation process, where you will learn by doing. Step away from routine, and from comfort. Unplug and come with us.


Sounds interesting? Get in touch to learn more about our education opportunities and customised in-company trainings.

Sabine Janssen


Head of Service Science Factory

T +31 6 28 29 02 74