Globalisation and digitalisation are changing the rules of the game; making it hard for established players to differentiate themselves in the market. Developing new and improved services and products is essential for companies in any industry.

Needless to say, your personal power to innovate is an important capacity to develop. We will grow your personal innovation capacity by introducing you to Design Thinking. A successful methodology to innovate.

At the end of this track you have developed an innovative mindset. You will master the necessary skills to apply a full design process, starting from business challenge to user-centric, innovation solutions to these business challenges. You will have expanded your toolbox and you will be fully equipped to innovate.


September 10th, 2020


5 modules


€ 4.995*


UMIO | Maastricht University


  • Our track consists of 5 modules that can each be followed separately or in a sequential order.
  • Each module is made so that in itself it will help you to progress in certain learning goals and certain elements in the complete innovation process.
  • All modules together help you to improve your innovation capacity maximally and apply the full innovation process.
  • The first module: HOW INNOVATION ARE YOU is a free webinar, consisting of 1 live session (3 hours) that is free to follow for anyone, without any further obligations. This webinar will introduce you to design thinking and the customer-centric innovation process. In addition this webinar will help to determine if the ‘Grow your Innovation Capacity’ training track suits your learning needs and whether it is best to follow the complete track or selected modules.


All our modules have set starting times and you can subscribe individually to these courses or to the complete track.

During each module you will learn in 3 different ways:

SELF-PACED ONLINE LEARNING (4 hours per week): In our online learning platform you get access to the course material. Here you will have access to several videos, specifically recorded for the module. These videos you will need to watch before the start of each trainingtopic. In addition you will get access to reading material specifically selected for the module and you will get assignments to perform before the start of the online sessions.

ONLINE SESSION (3 hours per week):  You will log in into our weekly online training sessions via zoom where you will meet up with the innovation trainer and the other participants. Our believe is that you learn best by doing! Therefore our online sessions will not just be regular online training sessions but action-based workshop sessions where you apply the theory to practice immediately. In a small team you will work on your own case. You will be actively coached by the innovation trainer and will learn from the experience of other participants in the course.

These online sessions will take 3 hours and will happen once per week. In each online session also time will be reserved for Questions & Answers and reflection on the week.


PERSONAL COACHING: Optionally you can request personal coaching from the innovation trainer. Costs will be 200,- per coaching session (1 hour).

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You are by nature a person that wants to move forward, challenge the status quo, and constantly improve yourself and your business. You feel the urge to innovate, intrinsically, however you find yourself struggling because you:

  • Don’t know how?
  • Are held back by your organization’s processes or culture?

Your work profile demands you to:

  • Optimize the customer experience
  • Develop new products or services or serve new markets
  • Improve your team or department’s service level

And you are looking for ways to improve your personal skills to do this in a more effective and efficient way. You want to upgrade your innovation design skills and want to be up to date with the newest methods and tools.



Whether you follow 1 module or the complete track, after each module you will get a short exam in which we will assess your understanding of the course material. After passing this exam you will receive a certificate.
When you follow the complete track we ask you to work on your own case during the complete training track. By handing in a homework assignment after each module, you can earn the certificate that certifies that you have successfully passed the complete grow your innovation capacity track.



If you are an alumnus of Maastricht University or UMIO, you will get a 10% discount.
When you sign up with 2 or more people from the same organisation you will get a 20% discount


Would you like to find out if this online course fits your personal learning needs? Or do you have specific questions about the upcoming edition?

Don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m happy to offer you further information and advise!


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